Somesh Arora: Jail bharo, but spare a thought

With a call having been given (as on date of writing this piece) by Anna and his team to fill the already overflooded jails of India in support of anti-corruption movement and Lokpal Bill, a thought crosses my mind. During the earlier days, Jail Bharo movements were mainly confined to peasantry, village or lower middle class. 
All of them had seldom travelled abroad. One of the times, when after visiting jail for political purpose,  Prakash Singh Badal, the present Chief Minister of Punjab applied for visa of USA, same was refused to him because he had truthfully declared in his application that he was arrested in his life time. It needed quite a clarification from his personal staff to convince the Visa officials that Badal was a respected leader and his arrest was solely for political reasons. Now, that we have the middle class youth supporting the movement and many of them are visitors abroad for work or otherwise, it may need a lot of effort on their part to convince the Visa officials of various countries that arrest courted by them was for a political cause and was not an arrest for notoriety.