Somesh Arora: India: What the future holds for it?

In the domain of Mundane Astrology, there are two charts of India which are considered relevant, though the existence of an ancient chart pertaining to ‘Bharatvarsha’ since the time of Varahamira is also known to exist, but because the political boundaries have undergone considerable change since then, therefore, what are relevant for Union of India now, are the charts which are known as ‘India’s Independence chart’ and ‘India’s Republic Chart’.

The astrologers, while dealing with mundane matters, normally look for India’s Independence Chart for evaluating matters like external affairs, internal disturbances, general well being and economy of the nation.

However, the chart pertaining to India’s republic provides better clues relating to matters falling within the preview of judiciary and legislature, major reforms pertaining to the laws and an insight into the functioning of the judiciary.

With the above approach, the predictive analysis about India is being sought to be done. The limitation of an astrologer who normally is capable of ascertaining the probabilities and not the exact truth has to be kept in mind by the reader.

India, as per its independence chart, was undergoing the Dasha of ‘Venus’ from 1989 up to the end of 2009. The Venus Dasha, which is the Ascendant and Sixth Lord and is posited in Cancer in the Third Sun dasha- from 11/9/2009 to 10/9/2015




House was ‘Raj Yog Karaka’ for India and true to its potential brought India out of clutches of utter poverty and indebtedness, to make it an economic power house  whose existence and presence was reckoned and came to be acknowledged  all over the world.  The turnaround of India economy started with Venus/Sun Bhukti around 1992 and  brought to prominence the women of India,  in political and glamour related fields.  True to its promise during Venus Dasha, the Indians and Indian women in particular achieved success in sports,  Cinema(With Bollywood getting International acclaim), politics, Industry, Economy, Education, Information technology, Administration and Beauty pageants etc. and became the major contributors to the economic success story of India. Incidentally, the Information technology, cinema, beauty contests, gems and jewellery, gold adornments, handicrafts are all fields related to the feminine planet `Venus’. India never looked back from 1992 to 2009 despite the world facing its worst recession in the last 80 years in the Year 2008. Incidentally, the only significant difference between the Natal chart of India and its neighbor Pakistan, who also got its independence at the same time of midnight but one day earlier i.e. on 14th August,1947, is that while Moon which represents in mundane astrology- the public and women is strongly posited in its own house in 3rd from the Ascendant for India, the same  in case of Pakistan is posited in inimical sign of Mercury( not considered inimical, of course, by the Moon as per the classical texts)in the 2nd house form the ascendant causing Chandra-Mangal Yoga. This difference alone makes the Indian democracy vibrant and its women stronger and progressive and contributing to the well-being of the economy even through entrepreneurship. While the weak Moon in Pakistan`s chart causes weakening of its democracy. The political power being taken over, by the men in uniform, due to influence of Mars. Such equation thus always causing internal feuds and also the earning of the state through questionable means which even indicates the influence of drug lords and  arms smugglers over some of the Government institutions.


Now, from the end of 2009,  India is undergoing Sun Dasha which is the 4th Lord posited in third.   Since it is in conjunction with Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Moon therefore, the trend of growth set up by Venus may not only continue in the Dasha of Sun till 2015, but also of Moon which continues till the end of 2025.  Therefore, the growth story started during the Dasha of Venus remains intact and may continue till 2025.  The years ahead, therefore  will allow India to pursue its economic success story  with a degree of continuity.  The Sun however, being  a natural malefic is not without its own share of some negative




events.  Since, Sun represents the top echelons of power, therefore, some established heads of Centre and States may have to loose power during the Sun Dasha, especially during currently running Rahu Bhukti and later on in Sun/Saturn Bhukti.  India also needs to be alarmed against usurping of its territories by some inimical neighboring countries during the period running up to 2015.  Some act of aggression against the territory of India is also not ruled out.  Though India will be found equally or more  aggressive and matching to the threats.  The year up to 2015 will make Indian Policy makers realize the impending threats of famines, global warming and receding water tables, but equally, the same issues will engage and receive the focused attention of policy makers who will also suitably respond with the policy and action oriented initiatives which will result in water availability and harnessing of hydro power  during the Moon Dasha i.e. between the period 2015 to 2025. The Mars Dasha starting from 2025 and up to 2032, however may see the increased role of army in domestic politics. But such role may not be negative as in the case of Pakistan.



Looking at the India’s Republic Chart, an important date line is emerging from 24.06.2011.  This is a period when Ascendant and  10th Lord Jupiter posited in 11th House in debilitation starts its Dasha period.  The period will mark the beginning of massive judicial and legislative reforms and will see the decline of corruption in Judiciary as well as in Executive through a slew of measures unleashed through a continual but gradual process.  The cleansing will be top driven and may get ushered through initiatives which may be outcome of deviant and not exactly a conformist movement.      


Asc. Rahu        Moon               


            Chart 26-01-1950




Indian Republic


Sun-Jup- Ven               Sat


Mer                             Mars-Ketu


                                            Jupiter dasha- from 24/6/2011



The considerable changes in Judiciary and legislature, will be discernible to whole  world and will lead to punishing of rich and mighty.  The Judiciary will re-orient itself and shall be found to be  responding to the task of eradicating corruption and bringing about equality through means which would have been unimaginable few years back.  The intense power conflict between the beneficiaries of corruption and those fighting against will  be quite visible in the years to come, but the presence of Rahu in Ascendant in both the charts of India indicates that the corruption may at the most get reduced with some guilty being punished but may not get totally eradicated.  India will also see during the Jupiter Dasha, reform of its economic and financial system through legislative and judicial measures.  Many new economic laws will be formulated, old laws reformed and quite of a few  new institutions shall be created in the matters of public finance and economic administration.  The period overall surely marks a betterment for  India, for what it got as a nation from its legislature and Judiciary during the 18 years Dasha of Rahu which finally comes to an end on 24.06.2011.  Both these wings of democracy may also get to see greater stability and continuity in the policies in the next 16 years.


         ( Author is Jyotish Praveen( Silver medalist), Jyotish Vishaard and Associate of Indian Council of Astrological  Sciences)