Somesh Arora: Is Brand Tihar Jail (TJ) keeping them away from jail?

If there is one product item that is perpetually in short supply at all the TJ outlets in the capital, then it is the food articles.

All the khakras and namkeens or sweets manufactured by the Tihar Jail inmates remain in great demand and quite in short supply at the TJ outlets. Well, one reason that I can think of, is  the remedy prescribed by the astrologers to their clients: “Eat jail ki roti” if they want to save themselves from becoming the makers of the same in the jail. Khao nahi to banao. And since all the edibles fall in the same category as roti, at least astrologically speaking, even if not according to HSN Classification code. Therefore, all the smugglers, crooks, corporate fraudsters and all others of the same hue literally make a beeline for the stock.

The other reason could be that all those who have been in and are

now out do not want to change their zayaka, even when the environment has changed. All said and done, this is one item that promoters of Brand TJ can really push for in a big way.

Govt appeases Ramdev

Well, not literally but actually, as he has been obliged with whatever he wanted. Ever since Baba Ramdev thought of cleansing the political set up in India since 2006, one of his foremost suggestions, even to the PM and Government has been to demonetize Rs. 1,000/-note. As he feels that red note alone is the rootcause of all the black money. Now, even if the Government has not de-monetized the same, it has through the back breaking inflation virtually reduced the value (Purchasing power) of Rs. 1,000/- note to effectively Rs. 500/- in the last five year. May we now, pray to Swami Ramdev to atleast stop making this demand or to the Government to stop taking his request seriously for the sake of all Mehangai  affected Indians. This also evokes my thoughts on another issue, why is it that the biggest note in any monetary system or in any country which is most likely to be used for black money or money laundering, always has the print shot of the most revered leader of that country. Will Gandhiji or George Washington have  preferred their photos on the notes which they knew was most likely to remain for longer duration with corrupt, smugglers and other economic offenders?

Petro Inflation and competition commission

Now if FM is to be believed,  the Petro prices are no more in the hands of the Government and are fixed by the oil companies only. The Oil companies may well be,  freely legally advised to leave their old habit of hiking/ reducing  the prices on the same day and to the same extent. While one can understand such a thing happening when Petro prices are administered by the Government, it is most unlikely to happen in a commercial world- that oil companies running on purely commercial principles will have exactly the same cost structure warranting hike to the  same extent on the  same day, unless there exists a cartelization. Hope authorities in Competition Commission are taking notes of their Rule book.


King fisher bailout

The king of good times seems to be in bad times and asking for loans even if not the bail out. The red coloured airline has actually gone into financial red as well. Even the suggestion of the PM to lend a help, left other corporates and opposition leaders red faced. The slogans on the Facebook range from the advice to the tipplers to drink extra for the sake of the one who afforded them cheap liquor and good times earlier or to buy more `Kingfisher calendars and gift them generously, close to the new year.  Since austerity measure of other Airlines like ` Indigo’ to get out of the red may be wastage of suggestion, roping in someone like Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic through foreign equity route may provide a solution. That would also mean two kings of Good times for Kingfisher.

The shoe with a difference 

Now, this was a different shoe, not only it landed on a wrong head but also the thrower was a sweet Gandhian bureaucrat. On 20th November 2011 in Gurgaon, senior IAS officer Parveen Kumar took matters into his own hands. The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) administrator hit himself with his shoes to win over an agitated crowd while supervising a demolition effort.

They alleged that demolition was an effort to favour a known builder. In his sincere bid to pacify the mob, the IAS officer took off a shoe and started hitting himself on the head with it repeatedly to prove his innocence. He said, he had never taken a bribe in his life and if people doubted him, then he must punish himself. Kumar also started touching the feet of some elderly people in the gathering. This had a salutary effect and Demonstrators eventually returned to their homes allowing the Demolition squad to do its job. Kumar was earlier deputy commissioner in Faridabad where he carried out special drives for sanitation and against encroachment of public land. He registered more the 20 FIRs against corrupt officers. This one may provide a clue to the politicians suffering from shoegate like George Bush or Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao  to a slew of  Indian Politicians that not only can a person who missed the target be forgiven or handed over to the Police, but at times the missing missile can be allowed to land on the target with little self-help, to the net effect of overwhelming sympathy of the public.