Somesh Arora: C.B.E.C. or Automatic Refrigerator?

Going by the number of times (starting from December 2011 to October  ,2012), C.B.E.C. and its field officers have gone about freezing the account of Kingfisher to defreeze and then to refreeze it again, C.B.E.C. can legitimately claim to have acquired  the sobriquet of ` Refrigerator’ for itself. The dates for freezing run as 9.12.2011, 25.02.2012, and 3.3.2012 to 5.10.2012, however there have to be equal number of dates for defreezing which are not available. Hope that appearance made by Ms. Parveen Mahajan, Chairperson (C.B.E.C.) in this regard in the electronic media in October, 2012 proves final and no more indulgence is shown to this particular assessee to the exclusion of others not so influential.

New hopes for the new year:

The turn of the year from 2012-13 was one of the most turbulent, I have seen during my life time in India. The events leading to death after rape of ` Damini’ have highlighted the collective failure of our society to enforce law and has also shown the disconnect that law makers have with the present generation of India. Whether, it should be enough to shake the judicial system out of its tardy actions over such matters or not, only time will tell. The matter has also raised the issues relating to sensitivity of the Police in such matters specifically and over its functioning generally. If one has to put the Police stations in various parts of the country to a simple test of how much they aspire confidence even in its own personnel to send their daughters to these premises,  one can have the actual measure of what is wrong with the system of Policing in India.  

           The leaderless protest that followed the incident also show that politicians are fast becoming or atleast are considered irrelevant, though many of them may not understand it as yet. As far as women are concerned they feel betrayed by their own lot of empowered women who have hardly done anything for them, despite being in relevant positions in the State and Center. Lack of Governance is another serious issue which has been brought to the fore, it is but natural that corruption whether at the top levels or mid rung has its perils of erosion of authority of those who reap the financial benefit out of it. Common Wealth Games had shown us how builder mafia had defied Governments because there was certain degree of confidence that lapses and delays will be accepted by their partners in Governance. Incidents, like the rape of Damini have shown that corruption at the street levels of persons concerned with the governance has also eroded their authority with petty criminals who after bribing small amounts feel emboldened to commit bigger crimes. One can really count the Politicians who are capable of taming big corporates today, on finger tips. This is just the reverse of zero tolerance concept, whereby the criminal expects that even his bigger indulgences should be tolerated by Person in Governance befriended by him. Fast Track Courts have been inaugurated to show that matters like these will be dealt with quickly and severely, but may be for a while. It also shows that other matters pertaining to criminal justice system will continue to be laggards. May be the Government will spend money on such courts for a while as it suits the political purpose to show will to act, on issue on which society has reacted. The clamor for dealing with and preference for economic offenders rather than offenders of more heinous crimes( if they are not economically well off) is leaving the policing resources in most of the states with little time to deal with offences like murder, rape and other capital offences. One only hopes that the new year which has kindled hope that after the need for changes, the same shall eventually be brought about, witnesses the same happening in a good time and for the good of this country.

 Male chauvinism or false pretence: Male chauvinism it appears, contrary to what many women may believe is not confined to India alone, as the following story will tell. Northern Chinese resident Jian Feng divorced and sued his wife for $120,000. The story goes that Mr. Feng was deeply in love with his beautiful wife until they had a baby girl.

Feng was horrified at how ugly the baby was and demanded to know why his wife had cheated on him because the baby resembled neither of the parents. As it turned out, his wife had been loyal to him, but had glossed over the fact that she had spent $100,000 on intense plastic surgery to severely change how she looked before she met him. After his wife revealed this to him, Feng took his course of action and divorced and sued her, claiming that she got him to marry her under false pretences. The false pretence presumably being that she was good looking. Incredibly, the male judge sympathized with Feng and he won $120,000 in the case. He won the amount he sought, while his divorced wife had spent $100,000 on extensive plastic surgeries by apparently very talented South Korean surgeons. The skin deep beauty indeed cost shelling out a fortune from the deep pockets. May be its time, that cosmetic surgery is evolved to the extent that even next generation can be made beautiful right at the time of the birth. If so, the marketing strategy can be developed to offer- Get one done and get the next generation free.

 Political Management – more of a shepherd`s job- Keeping its flock together is fast becoming difficult for National political parties. We have in the list, the quickly withdrawn `dented and painted’ remark of Abhijeet Mukherji about the women demonstrators at a point of time when law and order situation was really fragile. The tributes paid by Ms. Sushma Swaraj to the departed girl were accompanied by remark from the politician of the same party about dressing code for women on the same day. We also had a Haryana Minister calling Geetika Sharma as the wrong choice for a servant of Gopal Kanda. Earlier we had a Congress Minister excusing himself from the remarks he made about old wife not looking attractive and a BJP politician incurring the wrath of Rakhi Sawant for using her picture in a not so appreciative poster.  Mulayam`s party also had a state level politician justifying corruption only up to theft level and not robbery. It appears that there is a lot of scope for learning about political correctness in most of these  parties. An advertisement on the TV aptly captures the mood of the public in this regard, when a child while watching a channel where a politician is giving his discourse, asks his father to show him another channel where another joker is in action. With the media always being around to get the sound bytes and with some politicians mostly suffering from verbal diarrhea, keeping their partymen to follow the policy of not having their foot in the mouth can indeed be quite a task for top leadership of the Parties.